A prayer and a Decision

I thought I might not have time before Christmas to write another entry but here I am sitting on the floor of the Austin Airport, waiting for a delayed flight with nothing but time! Funny how that happens. I talked In my last couple posts of our struggle to come to terms with the “I” Word (infertility) and the pain that comes with that both mentally, physically, and spiritually. I am now relieved to write about what that looked like moving forward.

Before I do move forward though, I need to go back for one more thing. When I was young, probably around 13, I had a fear/thought that I wouldn’t be able to biologically have children. Everyone said I was crazy and it was just a fear brought on by my incredible love for children and the desire to have a big family. I don’t know if many woman have had that thought in their youth, but I was reminded of it while going through our ordeal. I remember calming myself down back when I had that initial thought by thinking that if for some reason that was true, I could always adopt. I remember talking to God about that, and promised Him that if I couldn’t carry a baby,(though I pleaded for that not to be true) I would adopt. After that prayer, came immediate fear. What if He would take me up on that?! I have found that there is always a little uneasiness when you release something like that to God. When Steven and I were dating and even into our marriage we talked about adoption and I asked him what his thoughts were. He was in a place where I think the majority of people are. His view was that while he loved the idea of adoption, and fully supported those who did it, he wasn’t sure it was for him. It just seemed too hard.

About 2 years into our “struggle”, we went on a missions trip to South Africa with our church. We were to spend some time in an Orphanage there, and were going to be doing many different things with and for the Children during our stay. The flight was brutal and gave me a lot of time to think and journal. I have a prayer journal where I write down my prayers to God, and in one entry I prayed that if God wanted us to adopt, and if that’s was in the plan, then He had some work to do on Steven. I asked that this trip would change his heart and that he would come out with a new perspective. I would then take that as a green light to pursue adoption. Now, while I do not usually recommend the “If you, then I” method when talking with God, this was something that needed to happen at this time and in our situation.

About 2 days in to our stay at the orphanage he was hooked. He came to me and said that he had a strong feeling that we were supposed to adopt our first baby. I then told him what I prayed, and it was one of those “hallelujah chorus” moments 🙂 A monster was created because he left wanting to take home a baby AND a teenager. Heheh. I felt the same way. It’s hard not to feel the weight of it when you are face to face with a little girl who asks you flat out if someday you adopted, if you would maybe consider adopting her.
It’s really not a hard choice at that point. She didn’t want a perfect family, or a rich family, all she wanted was a family to call her own And at that moment the choice of adoption doesn’t seem very hard at all.

We came home and some time passed. It’s so funny how easy it is to come home and fall right back into a selfish way of thinking. I put up pictures of some of the kids so that I wouldn’t let myself forget. Before I went forward with adoption I wanted some kind of closure to our infertility, I decided to see a specialist and he was able to come to a pretty good reason for our problem with just a few more blood tests. Steven and I came in to discuss our results and I honestly expected another “we have no idea why your not getting pregnant” response. I’ll never forget the moment because it felt so final. He told us that I was born with a lesser amount of eggs then most woman and so I was left with the fertility of an older woman. Saying that it wasn’t impossible but we would need help.  Right after that blow he scooted us to financial room where she explained the IVF procedure and all the costs. He said that was probably my only shot. We left, paperwork in hand, feeling numb. On the car ride home I lost it. I cried, and I apologized. Steven will tell you that my apologies made him crazy. He was so supportive and loving, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from him.

After 2 weeks when the dust had settled, we went to dinner to make some decisions.  We sat at a local hamburger place and we both agreed after a long discussion and some tears spilled on my ahi salad that we would not pursue medical help and that we would decide to whole heartedly move forward with adoption.  What a feeling we felt.  It felt soooo good to finally have a plan. And not just any plan, it was a plan that felt right and I felt like I could breathe for the first time in a long time. It took awhile to get there,  but we knew this was where God wanted us, at just this time.

Thanks for letting me share, here are a few pictures from our time in Africa- until next time!


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One thought on “A prayer and a Decision

  1. Having biological children is so difficult on so many levels, too many to mention! For instance they come out and look like one of you or some other family member, then the more you love, them the more you worry about them. I know, some will say the Bible says we should not worry about one thing blah blah blah, but I am talking about an inner concern for the rest of their life. Now the advantage of adopting/raising someone elses child which I have with Miranda, is that you learn to love them in a different way, they don’t look like you, which could be a good thing for some, they will have none of your biological garbage, which also can be a good thing and they grow up knowing that you were there for them in spite of not being biological and love you with a respect your own children could never truly understand. It is a beautiful thing to watch a child that you did not produce, but influenced, become a wonderful person. It is better in many ways because you know God placed them there for you as a gift to enjoy, some times I wonder why some of my biological kids were born at all. Kinda scary some times! I am here for you if you need me for anything. Love in Christ Eternally!! Steve Shaw!

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