Let me start by saying thank you all for you warm wishes and kind comments.  We have been so pleasantly shocked at how many people have reached out to us and have felt comfortable sharing there own stories in response to what we have shared. We are 3 days away from our son’s due date and as we wait in great anticipation I have been finding ways to pass the time 🙂 I have decorated and redecorated the nursery wall a handful of times in the last few months and I’m hoping this last one will stick because it took me half a day to make 100 pinwheels and pin them above his crib! We have also gone on more then one cleaning frenzy, which even included cleaning out the closet where you put everything you don’t know what to do with when you clean! It got pretty crazy. Anyway, I wanted to take some time to share how well we have been loved this last month.

My friends are amazing and went above and beyond to throw me a ridiculously beautiful shower.  I had always imagined what that day would be like. It looked very much like what I imagined except I always pictured myself at my shower with a big pregnant belly, and it was not there. I was wrestling with the attention being on me because this was far from being just about me. I felt silly because up to this point, aside from paperwork, emails, phone calls, check writing, and support I haven’t had much of a role in the life of this baby.  But I will. And that is what I had to keep reminding myself all that day.

Adoption is unique, and it doesn’t always look like the “picture perfect” situation.  However sometimes because of the unique qualities of adoption you are able to capture really beautiful moments that will surprise you.  I was so happy to have our birthmother at the shower to celebrate with us and it wouldn’t have been nearly as special without her there. 🙂 It felt right, and it felt complete.  Because of our extra unique circumstances, where our birthmother is also a family member, We were lucky enough to have her stay with us for a month and got to be a part of some doctors visits, multiple 4d ultrasounds (we couldn’t get a good shot!), and was able to sit with her on the couch and talk to him and feel when he was kicking and hiccuping. It was very special. And through that time she was with us, we grew to love and appreciate her even more.

Here are some pictures from the shower and  some of his nursery, though I cant promise it wont change soon 🙂 We love you guys, are next post should be a really exciting one! I imagine I will write it at 3am with spit up in my hair, but hey, thats what I signed up for and I cant wait!